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I am a native of South, Texas where I attended Coastal Bend College and TX A & M Corpus Christi State University.  I have been an artist for over twenty years.  I have also been an educator since 1993.  I received my Bachelor's in Studio Art in 1992 and presently I am working on a graduate degree in the realm of art therapy.  Working with art and children is a passion of mine.  Although I am professionally trained in all mediums some of my favorites are:  Oil pastels, oil, acrylic, ink, and clay.  Some of my favorite art styles are:  Surrealism, Pop Art, and Photo Realism. 

I have worked as a muralist, caricature artist, art consultant, commercial artist, illustrator, cartoonist, sculptor and free-lance artist. 

My philosophy of education is that, "All children can learn, given the proper guidance and resources."  As an educator I strive to improve the academic lives of my students in art and prepare them for post-education in the field of fine arts.

Feel free to visit with me during my conference, 8:54-9:43 p.m. regarding your child or simply to view the amazing art work that is displayed through-out our school and classroom.

I am proud to be a part of the A.C. Jones family.

Have a blessed day,

Cindy Lee Lopez





Cindy Lopez

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