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I would like to introduce myself as a person who will never give up to pursue my goal teaching. I take every day as an opportunity to learn so I can be an example of what a student should be. I consider myself a lucky person to be able to achieve higher education and I believe that "anyone who can dream it can achieve it". This motto will hang in my future classroom so my students can believe in me and the lessons I will teach.


I have always had a passion for art making and a hobby for fashion. I attended the Art Institute of Houston to explore the opportunity in the fashion industry. I loved the creative process but I was not interested in sewing. I went to Houston Community College to get my associates and that is when I realized I wanted to become an Art teacher. Through my observations, I have discovered how a teacher can change a student's life.   What an opportunity to integrate my passion for art and teach.

I am certified to teach Fine Arts EC-12,  and I plan on using my degree towards enhancing general education curriculum through art. I have lesson plans that will keep students interested in learning and excited about the process of making art. My goal is to keep up with technology and come up with new and innovating ways students can express themselves through a higher level of thinking.

Christa Ayala

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