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I'm on my knees in one of many Hernán Cortés's dungeons. 

  ¡ Hola Amigos !  Bienvenidos a la clase de Español.

My conference period is 2:51-3:40 daily. 

You can reach me by email at: 


This year I am trying something new.  There is a web site, Remind 101, that teachers can use with their students and parents to help remind everyone when there will be a test or project assigned/due.  The web site keeps my number private and I can’t see your number nor your child’s number.  A few weeks ago I had all of the students sign up if they choose to do so.  I am now offering it to you so you may know when your child has a project assigned or a test coming.  If this is something you would to do here is what you need to do.  FYI you will not be able to text back to this system.  If you need to get a hold of me please email or call the school.  Thank you.

For Spanish 1 parents :    TEXT: @parentssp1     TO:  (832) 529-4455

For Spanish 2 parents :    TEXT: @beeparsp2      TO:  (832) 529-4455


"Lo que se aprende a través de la alegría,

se aprende para siempre."

"What is learned through joy,

is learned forever."



Jonna Greenup

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