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AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment

AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment Instructions

Please do the assignments in the order listed below. Attached are the detailed instructions. You will also get a copy of this list at the May Parent Meeting. The assignments are on Google Classroom. You must join the AP Physics 1 Google Classroom to turn in some of the assignments. Sign in to Google Classroom using your school account. If you try to sign in using a personal e-mail as your logon, you will not be able to join the class. Click the + sign on the top right of the page, choose “Join Class”, and put in the class code “o629w9”. All assignments are due Not Later Than (NLT) July 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM. I will pick the dropbox up EXACTLY at midnight and late assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. They are designed to complete the entire set of assignments in a total of 5 -10 hours. Most students can finish them in about 5 hours.

Assignments List

1. Solving Equations Reading Assignment and Equations Quick Assignment.

Read the reading assignment carefully, even if you think you already know how to do it. You will need to show your work just like this reading describes to correctly complete the Equations Quick Assignment. Show your work completely (each step) on the Equations Quick Assignment. If you just put an answer, you will get no points for that problem. Turn in the Equations Quick Assignment by taking a photo of it and uploading it to Google Classroom. Make sure the photo is clear and legible.

Solving Equations Reading Assignment

Equations Quick Assignment


2. Equations Reading Quiz (Room A396C210)

Complete the “Equations Reading” quiz on The room code is A396C210. Use your real name so we know to whom we need to give credit. You must answer all nine questions correctly. You may take the quiz again if you don’t get them all correct. Just exit out and enter in again. If you take the quiz more than once, you need to put a 2 after your name. If you take it a third time, put a 3, and so forth. You will get a 100 no matter how many times it takes you to do the quiz, but you will get a 0 on this assignment if you have not taken it and gotten all questions correct on a quiz.


3. Reading Assignment “Units” and “Solving Problems in Physics and Showing Your Work.” Also the written assignment “Physics Problem Solving and Math Review Homework.”

Read both assignments carefully. They tell you how you must complete "The Physics Problem Solving and Math Review Homework" and how it is graded. Note that you must solve the problems just as described or you will not get any points for the problem, even if you get the right answer. You must be completed showing your work fully and including units at each step. Turn in this assignment by taking a photo of it and uploading it to Google Classroom.


Solving Problems in Physics and Showing Your Work

Physics Problem Solving and Math Review Homework


4. Graphing

Read the file Graphs.pdf first. After reading it completely, download and read the Graphing Assignment.pdf file. Follow the instructions carefully, starting with doing the graph on graph paper. It will be virtually impossible to pass this assignment without completing it on graph paper. The rubric for this assignment is at the bottom of the page and you need to follow it carefully. Take a photo of the whole page (not just the graph). Upload it to Google Classroom.


Graphing Assignment


5. Circumference vs. Diameter Lab

Read the reading assignment on AP Physics 1 Labs. Note that it must be in a composition book. No other type of book, binder, or folder is acceptable. Pay attention to the rubrics for the labs. I will use that same rubric on all labs all year long. Next do the Circumference vs. Diameter Lab. Note that you must MEASURE circumference AND diameter. Do NOT calculate one from the other. It will invalidate the lab and you will not get a passing grade. Do not make up measurements. It is very noticeable when you do and you will not end up with a passing grade on the lab. The composition book with the lab in it must be turned in to the dropbox that will be outside the doors near parking lot next to the auditorium.

AP Physics 1 Labs

Circumference vs. Diameter Lab


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