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A.C. Jones High School

Course Syllabus:  English III


Teacher:           Mrs. Monica Rodriguez, M.Ed.   Room 114

Phone:             (361) 362-6000


Conference Period:      4th period (10:45-11:35)

**I encourage students to be creative and bold.  By sharing my enthusiasm for learning, I hope to motivate students and show them that learning can be FUN!**

Class Guidelines and Expectations:

All policies and procedures mentioned in the student handbook apply in this class. In addition to these policies and procedures, the following are rules for this classroom.

·         Respect your teacher, your classmates, and yourself

·         Be on time to class every day.  Students should report to their seat, be ready to work, raise hand when appropriate, and participate in ALL class activities

·         No Food or Drinks allowed!  Only bottled water is acceptable.  All other items will be disposed in the trash at entrance

·         It is the students’ responsibility to complete all assignments on time.  All assignments are due at the beginning of class on due date.

·         No Cheating!! Students will receive a “0”, and parents will be notified!!

·         No cell phones are allowed in class, unless suggested by the teacher for academic purposes.  I do have a “Charging Station” which I would recommend students use every day.

LATE WORK (as per Handbook)

Students have as many days as they were absent to submit assignments for full credit. 

Late work shall be submitted within 3 school days of the original deadline in order for students to receive partial credit (10 points will be deducted per day).


Grading Policy:

Daily Grades (daily assignments, quizzes, homework) = 60%

Test Grades (Exams, Projects) = 40%




Mandatory Supplies:

 pen/pencil   spiral/composition book  notebook paper

Classroom Supplies (DONATIONS ACCEPTED):

*Colored pens/pencils      *Notebook Paper    *Colored Paper     *Lysol/Clorox Wipes

*Index Cards       *Highlighters       *Kleenex/Tissue

Overall course goals/objectives:

Students will analyze, make inferences and draw conclusion about theme and genre; structure and elements of poetry; structure and elements of drama; structure and elements of fiction; and author’s purpose.  The students will provide evidence from text to support their understanding.

Course Topics:

1st Grading Period  **Touring American Literature, Conventions in American Poetry

2nd Grading Period **Themes in American Drama, Evaluating Information Text

3rd Grading Period **Powerful Persuasion, Analyzing Genre Connections

4th Grading Period **Reading and Writing for College and Career; Reliability, Validity, and Accuracy

Novels Read during this school year (plus other works):    

·         Of Mice and Men                              

·         The Great Gatsby                                 

·         The Crucible                             

·         Slaughterhouse 5

·         To Kill a Mockingbird

·         House on Mango Street

** I subscribe to a Remind account to stay in contact with students and parents. On some occasions, I may send a reminder about assignments that are due or I feel need clarification. 

Directions to sign up for Remind:  On your cell phone text @mrodeng3 to the number 81010. 

This will get you signed up and give you access to my notices and you may send me messages as well.