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Course Syllabus/Contract: Algebra Prep/Algebra 1

A.C. Jones High School (2018-2019): Mr. Gonzales


Contact Information:           Phone: 361-358-6000                       Classroom: 108


Email is the most efficient resource for parent-teacher communication.  If you wish to contact via telephone, respectfully phone during conference hours, 8th period (2:55-3:45 pm) or before/after school as to not interrupt instruction.


Mandatory Student Supplies:

#2 Pencils                        Notebook Paper      2 Spirals (Interactive notebook/notes)

3-Ring Binder*                 Colored Pencils      1 Ink Pen

1 Individual Binder Ring   Notecards


*Many materials will be provided in loose-leaf form. Every student should keep an up-to-date and complete 3-Ring Binder Folder and Spiral (to keep in classroom).




Our textbook, Pearson’s Texas Algebra 1 is available to students for checkout if needed.  Daily assignments and notes will be conducted in class.  Students will be expected to complete their assignments assigned from each lesson, this means homework.


Class Expectations (Rules): Adherence to Student Handbook

  1. Respect: Respect for each other, the faculty and staff, the classroom environment, and the school district policies and procedures.
  2. Productivity: Be prepared, focused, and on task at all times.
  3. Responsibility: Being responsible and accountable for one's own decisions, actions, and choices will be stressed at all times.
  4. Student Handbook: Students are expected to comply with all rules in the student handbook, which includes (No Audio Devices / Cell Phones)


Expectation Outcomes/Consequences:

Incentives – The teacher provides recognition and praise for respectful behavior, accountable and productive conduct, and positive choices and accomplishments.


Consequences – The teacher will address inappropriate student behavior/actions appropriately and according to offense:


  1. Teacher Warning (Verbal or Written)
  2. Student Conference/Phone Call Home
  3. Teacher Detention**/Phone Call Home
  4. Parent Conference 
  5. Teacher Detention** (until behavior is appropriately modified)*
  6. Student Referral***


**Teacher Detentions will focus on student success. Assignments and Skills will provide an effective 30-minute detention session.


***Depending on severity, misbehavior may result in an immediate office referral.

Student Food for Thought: “I understand that my behavior is my choice, and by choosing inappropriate behavior, I have chosen to accept the consequence for my actions.”



  1. InstructionTeaching time is Class time. Students should report to their seat, be ready to work, raise their hand when appropriate, and participate in ALL class activities.


  1. Passes – Students will not be allowed to leave the class during teacher instruction. Students will be allowed to leave during the independent practice and in between classes. Students will be expected to sign a log.


  1. Food/DrinksNO food or drinks allowed! Only bottled water is acceptable with permission. All other items will be disposed in the trash receptacle at entrance.


  1. Incomplete Work/Homework - It is the student’s responsibility to complete all assignments on time. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on due date. LATE Work will only be accepted, one week from original due date.  Anything after one week, will not be accepted.


  1. Exiting classroom – The teacher dismisses the students ONLY when the class is orderly and trash free (we all take pride in our classroom).


  1. CalculatorsA TI Nspire will be assigned to each student. At the end of each class, calculators will be checked back in and inspected for damages.


  1. Absent Work – If a student is absent, the student will need to make arrangements with me to get needed materials/notes to complete assignment. Once arrangements have been made, student will have 2 days to submit absent work.

Grading Guidelines:  

Test Grades (40%):                                          Assignment / Quiz Grades (60%):

Test/Project      40%                                        Assignment / Quiz / Reviews  60%


Test: Students will be given a review prior to a test. Review’s will be a daily grade.  If failure on a test occurs, students will have an opportunity to retest only by submitting test corrections with an explanation of the new correct answer. corrections do not replace the original test grade. Students will be given 3 days to make corrections & make arrangements with me to retest. retests will not take place during class time. students must make arrangements to retest before or after school. if needed and only with parental notice/approval, arrangements can be made to test on a saturday.


Assignment/quiz: homework assignments – any missing assignments need to be completed within a week from the original due date (highest grade is a 70)



Tutorials are highly recommended and encouraged throughout the school year. Due to my coach’s schedule, tutorials will be offered Monday’s and Thursday’s from 3:45 to 4:15. If there are no students present in my class by 3:55, I will leave to report to my coaching duties. Tutorials can also be arranged for any day upon student or parental request.


Course Topics: Course Information


1st 9-week Grading Period                             

  • Direct Variation
  • Determining Functions
  • Solving Linear Equations/Inequalities
  • Causation

2nd 9-week Grading Period

  • Combining Like Terms
  • Domain and Range
  • Parallel Lines
  • Exponential & Quadratic Functions
  • Function Notation




 3rd 9--week Grading Period

  • Unit 1-Linear Equations
  • Unit 2-Intro to Functions
  • Unit 3-Testing Linear Functions
  • Unit 4-Apps of Linear Functions
  • Unit 5-System of Equations


4th 9-week Grading Period

  • Unit 6-Exponents and Factoring
  • Unit  7-Quadratic Functions
  • Unit 8-Apps of Quadratic Functions
  • Unit 9-Exponential Functions
  • Unit 10-Sequences and Series
  • Unit 11/12-Making Real World Connections


Sign and Return by Friday, August 24, 2018

Summative Grade





I have read and understand Mr. Gonzales’ expectations, policies, and procedures. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my student’s success by reinforcing and encouraging all expectations, policies, and procedures. I understand the consequences for my student’s choices and behavior.


By signing in agreement, “I understand my student volunteers to enter this course/classroom and hold his/herself responsible for his/her decisions and actions.  I also acknowledge my support and partnership in my student’s success.”



PRINT STUDENT NAME              ______________________________________________   



PRINT GUARDIAN NAME           ______________________________________________



GUARDIAN SIGNATURE             ______________________________________________



DATE    _____________________________     Home PHONE _________________________



Cell PHONE  ________________________     Work PHONE _________________________


EMAIL                      _________________________________________________________


Alternate EMAIL     _________________________________________________________



***Please circle which contact information is the most convenient and effective way for Mr. Gonzales to reach you, thank you for your cooperation.





I have read and understand Mr. Gonzales’ expectations, policies, and procedures. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my success by adhering to all expectations, policies, and procedures. I understand the consequences for inappropriate behavior and choices.


By signing and being in agreement, “I volunteer to enter this course/classroom and hold myself responsible for my decisions and actions.”



PRINT STUDENT NAME              _______________________________________________


STUDENT SIGNATURE                _______________________________________________


DATE                                                 _______________________________________________