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ESC2 Film Festival

AC Jones High School A/V Production II students are getting ready to participate in this years ESCRegion 2 – 4th Annual Student Film Festival. The students will be going to orientation on Nov. 16th, @ 6:00pm. The students will have two weeks to film and participate in ESC Region 2 -- Student Film Festival 2018 Winter Film Festival Showcase. 


KACJ Media YouTube Channel
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Welcome to the Epic Cycle Productions Channel. Our students learn the fundamentals of fiction and non-fiction film production techniques through a production-based program inspired by independent motion picture production and creative avenues through evolving digital technologies. We integrate hands-on production work with film studies as a conduit for personal expression and growth. Students are encouraged to develop fiction, non-fiction and experimental films that reach out to diverse but specific audiences. All aspects of the program stress professionalism with an emphasis on quality as well as collaborative and creative processes. We hope that you enjoy our channel.

*Epic Cycle Production

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Skills USA
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PURPOSE: SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. We help each student excel. Our purpose is to promote leadership and trade excellence in a competitive situation and give SkillsUSA Texas student members and opportunity to demonstrate the basic skills of their field. State competitions determine the eligibility of a student to compete at the national level of SkillsUSA.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of SkillsUSA Texas is to provide opportunities for its members to become successful and productive citizens, employees and leaders. Accomplished through a structured program of leadership training activities, communication and business partnerships.

UIL Film/Animation
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UIL Film Festival – uiltexas



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